DeepOcean Hyaluronic Vitalisation Spray®
Deep sea water is known for its unique healing powers as a symbol for health and vitality

Thousands of years ago, in the area of Greenland, icebergs started to melt into the North Atlantic. The cold and compact water of these icebergs quickly began to sink towards the ocean’s ground into depths of more than 3.000 meters.

On its journey around the globe, this deep sea water rarely gets near the surface or any light. Due to the difference in volume und temperature it’s not mixing with the surrounding sea water, staying clean and stable in its purity – free of pathogens and chemicals but rich in caring nutrients and essential minerals.

Deep sea water is known for its unique healing powers, as a symbol for health and vitality.

Our nutrient-rich deep sea water comes from the area of Goseong. It’s getting desalted on spot through reverse osmosis for quick further procession.

To produce a high quality skin care product we are adding essential ingredients like hyaluronic acid, hamamelis virginiana water and allantoin, helping to refresh your skin and to reduce irritations.

DeepOcean Hyaluronic Vitalisation Spray®
DeepOcean Hyaluronic Vitalisation Spray®

Mineral nutrient rich deep sea water refreshes and soothes your skin, keeping it soft and silky. Additional Hyaluronic acid vitalizes and moistures the skin, reduces wrinkles and provides a clear and neat complexion.

DEEP OCEAN Hyaluronic Revitalization Spray® is suitable for all types of skin – even the most sensitive.

Application: For external use only! Apply and leave on this spray several times daily.

Deep Ocean works best for: daily facial skin care after cleansing, skin care before and after sunbathing for long lasting suntan, care for dry, curly hair or itching scalp, stressed skin through air conditioning on flights, scarred skin.

DeepOcean Hyaluronic
Vitalisation Spray
Volume options:
pump bottle 50ml
Manufactured and
developed without animal
Shelf life: unopened
bottle 2 years, open
bottle 6 month